hi idk how this works lol I'm new

but I want to recover from anorexia so I can go on T and I wanna move out so I will be less depressed and anxious. also I'd love to actually feel things and not feel like I'm in a fuzzy, inert state all the time.



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  • IndigoBro


    Tough love moment here. Moving out doesn’t solve the mental health problems my man. The fuzzy follows you. That’s not to say it can’t solve other things or be good for your mental health, because it certainly does! My advice for you here is if you want to do better mentally, time to commit to some healing work.

    • royalty


      True but it would depend on what the situation is at home. I was in a really bad household last year and moving out worked wonders. Obviously I'm still mentally ill and trying to heal from that trauma from last year but I'm not severely stressed or anxious 25/8 like I was a year ago.

    • jerma.mp3


      I have been in therapy for like... 7 years ahaha (⁠ ⁠;⁠∀⁠;⁠)(⁠ ⁠;⁠∀⁠;⁠) but yes I'm not going to be disappointed if the fuzzy follows me as you say. I think it will significantly improve things for me, however!

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