Hello! I've just joined. I'm looking forward to meeting some people who can relate well to me and support me, and who I can support as well. We really do need each other!

Low Mood

Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • AuntSquirm



  • Buffy50


    Hello AuntSquirm, how are you feeling today?

  • AuntSquirm


    Doing pretty good. How are you?

  • Buffy50


    I'm ok. It's early morning and quite painful since mornings are just that way. The most difficult part of my day. But I always manage to get through it.

  • dydy1


    Hi Buffy50, I'm Dydy1 I'm in Portland, Or. I have a lot of low back issues. I haven't really connected with anyone on here yet. I haven't had surgery. I know this may seem weird but I get so much benefit from seeing my chiropractor/Massage Therapist. I see her 2x a week. She has kept me upright and walking for almost 2 years. What are you doing to keep yourself mobile?

  • Maryam


    I agree. Some days I feel lonely and depressed.

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