What do you do to help control your seizures?



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  • Syd99


    So I was just diagnosed with Pnes today and it’s non -epileptic seizures they are just really bad migraines

  • Syd99


    The medicine they put me one was Qulipta

  • Alyssan


    Control what is causing them like I have grand mal and I have to control my stress and sleep I also get double vision in my left eye

  • strugglebus


    This definitely doesn't help control them, but if my head is hurting, if I'm having a bad day, I eat salad, kale. So apparently the green healthy stuff helps the neurons in the brain fire faster and it really helps me

  • Hale


    mine are generally triggered by stress or lack of sleep so if i find myself in a stressful situation i kinda just leave that situation or delegate what i can

  • jay_


    as much sleep as I can and hoping. that’s all I really can do.

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