I feel that around every corner is another chronic condition for me to hold. Who else?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • tallgirl22


    It’s becoming harder to find humor in it!!!

  • Pixxy


    Yeah when they come at me with a new one. I stop them and I say "Let me guess .... no treatment no cure? That's my jam!" It's the only way I don't burst into a manic crying fit. I can't even say it gets better because I haven't found that place yet.

  • MaSa


    Yep. I went from only EDS to MS then ADEM

  • ChronicIllnessBabe


    Same. When I logged onto this app it took me so long to fill in my diagnosis and when I scrolled through it all it made me want to cry and hug myself. We are all truly warriors.

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