I have Meniere's disease but I couldn't find it on the list. I also have vertigo and vestibular migraines and have been through every possible treatment with the exception of major surgery, and nothing has helped. Has anyone had any similar experiences or other treatment options? Thanks in advance.


Vestibular Migraine


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  • COMtngirl


    I am on a small dose of Zonisamide. 100 mg per day. It was prescribed by my amazing neurologist after years of trying to treat the same migraines you have. It has successfully kept them at bay for several years now. N

  • Kalez


    i was diagnosed with vestibular migraines by a audiologist when i was so sure it was menieres. it runs in the family and my symptoms fit so much better but she said i was young for that. saw a neurologist who didnt seem to know what to do. feeling stuck

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