how do I get myself to be less anxious around alot of people

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • layayaya


    I know it’s really scary to try but exposure therapy actually can be quite helpful. Build up your tolerance to being out and around people. If you’re like me then even just getting out of bed is scary. But try interacting with family/friends/people you’re comfortable with more often then you do. Then maybe try going to a park or area that you can just sit and people watch for a while and let yourself get comfortable and used to the space while taking nice deep breaths. Then maybe have someone who you are really comfortable with go with you to more crowded places, I usually like to have my boyfriend with me as a safety net but he also keeps my mind off being scared of all the people. That’s about the point where I’m at, not quite comfortable being around a lot of people alone but I’m slowly getting myself used to being alone!

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