Howdy ya'll! I have Crohn's Disease and I take Mesalamine. However, I don't think these drugs are working for me. Also very recently, my anus hurts when I sit, walk, or just flex it in general. Are there any other PILLS I can take? I can't stand shots, I'm terrified of them, and that was my doctor's next recommendation. Any other pills I can ask my doctor about before trying shots?



Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease


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  • Foxlover


    I’m sorry the drugs aren’t helping. I know shots aren’t fun but you get used to them. I have Crohn’s too and it’s not as bad in the stomach. I’ve been put on a new one and the needle is smaller, also it’s done less often. Far as the bottom your doctor should be able to give you something for that .

  • Berrygray


    Mesalamine didnt work for me either, i wish i knew of a pill to take that helped as i have a needle fear too. Humira has worked wonders for me and not being able to see the needle helps a bit but if you have someone willing to or able to do it for you that could help too. My doctor originally had me start with one of the iv ones that was given every 2 months and that helped me get used to the idea of needles in general

  • AeL


    I think there was a new pill biologic (Xeljanz but I might be wrong about which) Methotrexate can work for some people and does come in a pill form (there might still be issues getting it in the US) Some offices might be willing to give you the shot if you can’t do it yourself. Some come in prefilled syringes if you’re like me and just can’t do the auto injector (I’d rather see the needle and control the speed than have something I can’t see stab me) You can also try an infusion like Remicade if you are ok with IVs. It depends on the severity of your Crohn’s. Some people can do well on pill medications or just even diet changes, other (like me) take higher level medications like biologics. It might take time to get used to the idea of shots. My doctors first tried to get me to do them when I was 12. A nurse came to my house and I downright refused to have her do the shot, even with my mom trying to bribe me everything I could possibly want. I even hated blood tests at the beginning. 10 years later and I take 3 biologics per month(only 1 Crohn’s)- 1 split in 2 does so I have to have a shot of something every week. I don’t really care anymore, it took a long time but I’ve gotten used to them. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  • Coffee_hound


    I tried a lot of meds, finally Dr put me on Imuran (azathioprine), maybe 15 years(?) ago. It’s been wonderful, no side effects. Last Dr visit, he said on my last scope, it hadn’t seen the scar from the bowel resection, he would not think I had Crohn’s! Praise the Lord!!!

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