I am feeling left out compared to other system. I only have one alter, and she does not have a source! I see so many other system not at all like me and I can't help but feel like I'm faker 😥 how can I move past this?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • ProjectSys


    well, every system is different and each has something unique about them. whether you have a +1 or +1000, beyond or in-between, just having one alter aside yourself still means you have DID. Whether there's a definite source or not doesn't discount that fact, y'all are just a specific case and there are DEFINITELY other systems like you even if hard to find. they're out there, and they can find you if you put yourself out there as well! now im polyfrag so i don't completely relate to that count, but let me assure you one thing: if you're worried about being a "faker", then you aren't faking. this is because w DID, your brain is in self-protecting overdrive and you technically aren't supposed to know you're a system. but when you do know your brain will try and revert that and make you doubt it all to protect you further. but knowing what protects you is for the very best, and you need to affirm yourself & your brain that you're safe to be consciously knowing about these things. all in all, your feelings are valid, and you can feel safe. 💜

  • JoeyJoestar


    Don't compare yourself to others! You are you and you are very special! No matter how many alters you have!♡ -☆

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