Before I started the Zyprexa I had very bad anxiety and took an anxiety medication as needed. Once I started the Zyprexa the anxiety completely disappeared. Now, 2.5 years later, I have stopped the Zyprexa and my anxiety has returned in full force. I'm not sure what to do.


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  • Dexxy


    What circumstances lead to you being taken off the Zyprexa? Maybe you should try explaining to your doctor that the Zyprexa was helping you with anxiety. Zyprexa was also something thay helped me a lot with anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

  • aevyn


    He just said that it wasn't supposed to be a long term medication, and I've already been on it for over two years. I am planning on calling him when I get back (I'm away for a week). I'm just not sure if I should go back on the Zyprexa or go on a medication specifically for anxiety.

    • aevyn


      And also my OCD has gotten much worse since I stopped it.

    • wombatz


      as someone who works in the medical field, i can confirm that taking antipsychotics like Zyprexa long term can cause some unpleasant irreversible side effects. i would still bring it up or even ask about similar medications that might be helpful in managing the anxiety

  • aevyn


    Update: I am now on zoloft and vistaril for my anxiety. It is maybe helping?

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