What was/is your biggest Hyperfixation?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Xanderfrombuffy


    Themed entertainment. Like theme parks, roadside attractions, themed restaurants, pop up stores or experiences!

  • Chickety_Chick


    Omg almost everything, I fixate on cleaning (rarely), an interesting tv show (binge watches in one day), social media, sometimes homework (I don’t know why), and whatever is going on in my head at the moment. I get overwhelmed because sometimes I fixate on multiple things. Mine normally last less than a day.

  • KurtPropane


    Jerma. I absolutely love him. There’s no words that can express how enthralled I am with him. He’s literally the best person ever, in my opinion. Also, dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. I’m obsessed with paleozoology. My favorite era/epoch is the Miocene and Eocene. ❤️

  • ChickenTendies


    Airplane disasters for whatever reason lol. I've watched over 200+ hours of documentaries on them

  • IndianaAnnie


    Harry Potter, theology, and organizing

  • AshandFyre


    Anything space, I love space so much. Also shiny things, I collect off-ball things like a crow.

  • BergamotBoi


    mine was kpop. lasted 2+ years. it probably ruined my spotify wrapped permanently lol. sometimes i still like to check in on the fandom and artists, but its not the same anymore

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