I found out of my birthday (December 9th 2021) that I had hodgkins lymphoma. I had just had my son about 3 months prior. I went through treatment with was hell and I'm now in remission. About 3 weeks ago I was doing my monthly breast exam in the shower and found a few small tender lumps and I had a little bit of clear oily feeling discharge from ny nipple. Now, I have to have a mammogram and I am terrified of the possibility of having cancer again, especially breast cancer. This by far has been the worst and hardest year of my life. I have a 5 y.o. and a 13 m.o. to see grow up. I'm thinking the worst and scaring myself even more. Anyone go through anything similar and how did it turn out?

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  • Sophialo123


    Hi, first of all, I don't think there is anything to worry about or jump to conclusions. Most breast lumps in young women are actually benign and not malignant. Although you have a history of lymphoma, it does not necessarily mean that you also have breast cancer. I completely understand the concern, but just go get a mammogram and even a breast MRI if necessary and be safe. I also discovered a rather large lump during a shower, I was sure it was cancer and I was terribly stressed. Finally, it turned out to be a benign lump called a fibroadenoma, which is not dangerous at all.

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