I recently started getting treated for my PTSD and before anyone else knew, I confided in my life long friend. That was nearly 3 years ago. It was just presented to me (by another friend) that she was talking about me behind my back and never even believed me in the first place and thinks I faked it... I don't know how to handle this. She was my only friend that I told about what happened and now I feel invalidated... We weren't even on speaking terms before this. She put me in a situation where it triggered my PTSD memories and now she hates me for saying something about it. I just don't know what to do about this... I'm both hurt and angry and confused... any advice?

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • MissWilwarin


    Remove her from your life in every way possible. That’s the first step. And then try to remember that just because someone doesn’t validate you doesn’t mean that what you’re dealing with isn’t real.

  • Atusin


    that's awful, I'm so sorry that happened to you 😥 what a horrible thing for a "friend" to do . not someone you want to keep in your life

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