anyone else ever try anti-gluten pills?
I tried gluten arrest stomach still mildly hurts, but I feel better than I would have if I didn't take it.
But I feel all bloated and it sucks.
anyone have better or worse luck, any other brands you recommend more?

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity

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  • Roe_2


    I have never even heard of them! That’s cool!

  • SJP


    I just drink extra water. The FODMAP + GERD diet combination helped me most, but drinking extra water can curb or lessen a flare of NCGS if I'm eating something inflammatory.

  • Snowy


    I have Gluten Defense! They work amazingly well! Kinda crazy expensive... BUT I read a bunch of peer-reviewed scientific articles/studies about these kinds of pills and there is a new enzyme that has been really effective, more effective that its predecessors, that's in the Gluten Defense pills. I forgot what it is, I'm sorry. Message me if you're curious and I'll look at my bottle :)

  • HopefulLemon


    It seems to help me when I know I'll be encountering wheat, but in large enough quantities of wheat the pills only seem to help the GI effects, I still get bad migraines with wheat consumption. I've heard from others I know who are also gluten sensitive that they help. Depends on your symptoms possibly.

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