I am so anxious right now about money...it really puts a damper on things


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  • lilchiquita


    Oh I know. Money is my main reason for depression half of the time. But I take it one day at a time

  • Squishlover


    same it's so hard right now. I'm behind on everything.

  • nemokittylover123


    Oh my gosh I feel the same way. Money has been so tight in my household this year and bc I'm the main person who handles the money aspect it's been taking a toll on my mental health at times. But I know that I'm not the only one who is dealing with this so it helps to know that. Also to help myself in those times I've had to really think about my situation and be grateful like I'm talking about realizing yeah money is very tight but I was able to make the important payments so that we still have a roof over our heads. Yeah we don't get a lot in state assistance for food but at least we have some food in the house and have access periodically to a food pantry that we qualify for bc there are people they may have less than us. You know these types of things I need to remind myself and a lot of times it helps me in the moment. It may not take away every emotion but it helps me realize things--centers me so to say. I'd suggest to try to do that if you can otherwise I'd suggest you looking into your state's assistance programs. I know a lot of states help with food and energy costs. Also do some research to see if there are any food pantries in your area. They have helped us out a lot when we were in a bind. I think a few states also have a transportation assistance as well so if transportation is an issue that could be an outlet to try. Some states have their state level medical insurances so if money is tight and you're needing medicine or just to see a doctor that may be also something to look into. In the state I live in we only have food and energy assistance. There is a state level medical insurance but they don't offer transportation unless you're a special case like legally blind or physically disabled and in a wheelchair. I'm neither so I don't qualify but I'd suggest you looking into what's offered in your state for assistance. I hope this helps you and maybe put your mind ease just a little bit

  • Nicoratboy


    Me too

  • kikki


    I get it I stress about money

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