We know morality and feeling this guilt and responsibility for things you don't actually control is a huge part of OCD. The way that manifests for me is that I will suddenly feel responsible for making everyone else follow my moral guidelines, so that I can stop them from causing bad things to happen. So if my friends say something that goes against my moral code, I think they're responsible for this giant problem and I personally have to make them stop. So, I get extremely distressed and sometimes speak up so that I can stop that problem from occurring.

Understandably, it is really annoying to them. So I've explained in very simple terms to just ignore me when I'm like this. I'm scared and it feels very real that something bad will happen if I don't say anything. But I'm sorry I don't just ignore it and shut up.

This time, they got extremely angry and projected why they thought I did it on to me. I tried to explain the reality and that I was sorry for speaking out of turn. But they were not having it and calling me all these names.

So now, I don't know what to do. They refuse to understand what I'm going through and they turned my own illness against me. I want to just be the bigger person and just go with it so they calm down, but it feels so wrong to take responsibility for being a person they think I am but I know I'm not.

Do I just apologize to keep the peace? Do I try to explain again?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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    I'm sorry, voir it doesn't sound like you have very good friends if they refuse to accomodate for your condition and blame you and insult you for it. It's not your responsibility to grin and bear it out to apologize for your OCD. I know that sounds hard, I also have OCD and I know how hard it can be to get it in your mind that you're not at fault for your conditions, but you aren't. If your friends can't see that, maybe you need better friends.

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