hello, I have been having headaches for years..i would describe them as sinus headache since i feel preasure in my sinuses and my gums hurr a lot..
i did x-ray of the sinuses it was always clear..but the pain is still there..anyone else has a similar problem?
thank you

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  • Overcomer


    Could be tension headaches or your eyes or migraine

  • findingmoreease


    I have a similar pain! I still don’t know what to do- I think it’s a lot of reasons for me. Have you done an allergy and food sensitivity test?

  • Unrequitedpineapples


    I have this too. It’s slowly gotten worse over the years. I suspect my allergies are a part of it. Double storm of allergies and chronic headachd

  • Overcomer


    You guys mentioned allergies. I wonder if that can also trigger the headache that I have at times.

  • Kais


    Go to a chiropractor that does something with a ballon and put it In your nose I know it doesn’t sound pleasant but it helped my chronic headaches

    • Overcomer


      That's sounds scary

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