I feel really triggered when friends of friends from my local area ask personal questions to me. They ask to many personal things which I'm not comfortable answering. whatever I can answer I do happily.
my psychologist has suggested me to divert the conversations but it doesn't really help and they keep bombarding me with questions.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Pegsy


    Maybe answer a few things as people sometimes need more information to help you. So for each question you could tag on the end 'people can help me by...'. When you have had enough you can say, 'In social situations like this I try to just enjoy being with people and not think about my health problems for that period, otherwise it makes me feel down. So if its ok, let's talk about something else right now'. Hope that helps and gives you some ideas 💕🤗

    • SerenaS


      Thank you I really appreciate. You have written so amazingly. 😊

  • Jgrazia89


    I agree with above. Try to minimally answer their questions and then try to ask them about themselves/what’s going on around you guys. Most people will light up when you do that and will totally forget what they were even asking you about 🙃

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