People act like you are as supposed to be over the life-changing event that ruined your life... like can I have a moment to grieve over the old me for a second... yeah it's taken me four to six years to muster up the self worth to move on, but you'll never forget.... people, places and things will trigger you in ways they can't imagine... life sucks.....

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

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  • Zyro


    I'm a few years in now too and you're definitely not alone there.. no one gives you time to grieve.. between the random days that I'm inexplicably exhausted and just physically can't and the insomnia from the meds, most days I have trouble telling where the ceiling is. I see things or even smell sometimes triggers memories of when all of my days I could do whatever I wanted.

    • AACKFamily93


      as a child taking meds for hiv was horrible now I’m down to two pills after 28 years of being hiv positive. As I call my self a lifer you will get threw it. It’s some days where you be like F these meds 😂 cause your so over it but just know your not alone where all here for each other

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