currently can't sleep, but still not sure if it's insomnia or the beginning of a manic episode. 🙃 I've been taking hydroxyzine to curb the restlessness of vraylar (even though I didn't take it today) and my anxiety, of course; to no avail or sedation. I've been unable to get a job for the past few months due to my social anxiety, and it's becoming more hopeless by the day. my partner constantly asks about it, or asks me to apply on indeed, but the very thought of it makes me queezy. I'm not sure what else to do in this relentless 'battle' of being a real person. any advice would be great, but i appreciate anyone taking the time to read this. thanks, and I hope everyone has a good/better night.

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    Thank you for sharing. I hope you’ll get the sleep you need!!

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