When my fainting was getting really bad I was misdiagnosed in a rush with vasovagal syncope (fainting from stress). When I brought up POTS to my cardiologist she completely dismissed and said "POTS does not involve fainting". I know I don't have vvs because my symptoms don't match and I pass out very randomly. I want to get an official POTS diagnosis but my mom has questioned how exactly that will benefit me. I dont really know how to answer her other then saying it would help me feel more reassured and people would take more seriously. What else could I say?


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • tallgirl22


    I don’t know forsure because I don’t know anything about VVS but there are many treatment options for POTS so a diagnosis could definitely be beneficial.

  • CoffeeAndDogs


    Honestly the diagnosis does not matter as much as the treatment. VVS is a sub-set of POTS and falls under the Dysautonomia umbrella still. Most cardiologist will not diagnose or treat POTS. You'd have to see an autonomic specialist. And you're cardiologist is super wrong. The #1 symptom of POTS is fainting. I had the opposite issue in that my POTS does not cause fainting and they kept trying to tell me that it can't be POTS if I don't faint. Which again is not true. The only clinical diagnostic criteria for POTS is a variation in heart rate of 30+ bpm going from sitting to standing. That's it. You do not even need to have any blood pressure changes at all. But many POTSies do and that is typically what causes the fainting.

  • KitKat1450


    If you got a proper diagnosis you could get proper treatment or at least be more aware of how to prevent fainting if you know what you’re dealing with and what effects it.

  • wise


    first of all, fainting is absolutely an indicator of POTS, it's rarer to find a POTS patient who DOESN'T faint. additionally, the benefit of having an accurate diagnosis is getting accurate medical care, whether that's proper medication/therapy or a correct medical history prior to a procedure. anyone who questions the purpose of getting a diagnosis does not belong in the medical field and you should not be seeing them or taking their opinions to heart because their opinions are wrong and stupid. find a cardiologist who actually knows what POTS is and how to treat it, and tell your mom she can go to med school and become a licensed specialist if she wants to have any input over your medical opinions about your own body

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