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  • sarafina321


    Have you tried personal massage? I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable. I'm a cis female so my advice is from that perspective. Like having muscle spasms in your leg, it can help to massage out you spasming muscles. With clean hands, gently press against the walls of your vaginal walls. As you work your way around the vaginal clock you will be able to find your spasming muscle fairly easy. It will tremble under your finger. VERY gently stroke that area top to bottom. If it does not help a gentle press on the area may relieve it. The harder you press, the more pain you could be in later. These are sensitive, small muscles, so take your time and be soft. I would also recommend looking into a massage wand. They are not expensive and are easy to use. Move at your comfort and take your time. The more often you massage, the better you feel.

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