while progressing through my Hashimotos disease, is there any life style changes I should seek out?

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  • ElleElleG


    Under no way am I a doctor or dietician or life style coach but CHANGE YOUR DIET AND REMOVE SOY. I have been telling myself to do that ever since I was diagnosed a year and a half ago and I climbed over 50 pounds. But I finally changed that one detail and trust me it was HARD but worth it. Lost 20 pounds of it, sleep better, feel soooooo much better, that would be the one piece of advice I'd give. Hashimoto's gets hard. And it does make life a little more difficult. But you can still make it enjoyable

  • StrawberryCup


    I second removing soy! Also gluten/wheat. Sooo many people with Hashi’s are allergic to wheat or gluten (or at least have intolerances). I feel so much better after going dairy, soy, and gluten/wheat free! Also see if you have an issue with nightshades. They don’t cause me any issue but my mom who also has Hashi’s gets horrible joint pain when she eats nightshades

    • Gigi223


      thank you , and that is my issue with joint pain as well, but as my mom says I'm still a baby hashimotos since I've only been atleast diagnosed for about 2 year, so my levels are not to the point of having medication but I still have my symptoms and awful joint pain periodically

  • LaDawn


    I have bad joint pain too. Mainly in my legs, hips and wrists. I also get cold really easy, it normally starts at my feet and then the body aches come after that. Funny someone mentions ppl with Hashimotos has some food intolerances and for me thats true. I have them to gluten, beef, cows milk, some fruits ect.

  • KD123


    See if there's anything extra you can cut out of your life, so you can spend more time in nature, with friends, doing things that are relaxing and that you enjoy. I find I over busy myself, which adds extra stress to my life, cue Hashimoto's flare up!

  • Karyn


    Gluten needs to go. Your body sees the gluten as foreign bodies to attack identical to why it is attacking your thyroid with Hashimatos. My doctor told me and I googled it. I still am slipping with the gluten but I can tell when I rid of it. We surely do not need the thyroid attacked double time, it will die a lot sooner.

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