I've suffered with voices in my head for a while. I have episodes, but I've been on the right medication (hopefully) for a year. But I still relapse, relapse in diet. Emotional relapse in depression, or a stop in Mt medications. What do I need, if it's not the medication im on. any homeopathic remedies? My biggest fear attached to my voices is this huge spirituality concept, which I absolutely loathe. I want no part of that life.




Bipolar Disorder

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  • Strawberryhk


    I would suggest professional help for the voices. I’m going through it to also hallucinations but idk what to do

    • peeka


      we'll get better 💕

  • Derick33


    There's several nosies in a home Fish tank Ac/heater Appliance Try to eliminate of sounds if possible and marijuana conflicts with your medicine.

  • CrustieKrab


    My love, please try Asmr on YouTube. I love it. It will allow you to fall asleep perfectly. Gibi Asmr is my favorite, and Heather Feather is my favorite as well.

  • Barbiegrl


    Maybe therapy could help if you don’t already have a therapist

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