My mom has shown in multiple ways how little I mean to her. I've confronted her on a few and she told me I was being stupid and just know she loves me and I should just know without her showing or telling me. I just found out she forgot my birthday and planned a ski trip with her boyfriend. I just had an organ removed so I can't move anything over 10 lbs or do much on my own. my birthday is next weekend...


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  • Mrs.Rainbow6


    Am I being selfish? That's what she keeps telling me whenever she does something like this

  • Sydari


    She sounds like a bit of an asshole. I used to be told to 'just know' as well, I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

  • Bmanlittle


    Happy early birthday, I'm sorry that she doesn't show the love you deserve, also don't feel like you're in the wrong, she is, period.

  • itchy77


    Happy Birthday.

  • Godovermoney199111


    Well sorry to hear that.

  • AsherSD


    My mom is more concerned for herself. I feel your pain a lot here 💕

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