does anyone else suffer from paranoia? a bullet went through my window and almost hit me. whenever I hear a car outside at night or a noise, I always peek through the blinds. this was like two weeks ago. I'm losing my mind

Personality Disorder (PD)

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  • samantha_dam


    That could be PTSD and I suffer paranoia too. If you loosing your mind just talk to someone about it and calm down

  • someone


    I actually had paranoia about bullets coming through the walls or windows and killing me while i slept. I hear a lot of gun fire and strange explosions down my street on the regular, so It used to keep me up all night out of fear. But now I take time before bed to accept death if it may come to me. I havent had trouble sleeping for years now.

  • Harvey78


    Id stays away from windows I put my bed where no windows are and avoid looking outside I had a hammer thrown through a window and embed itself in the wall nearly missing my disabled son. I get paranoid I try not living on the ground floors now

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