I was originally diagnosed with pcos when I was around 12 or so, but we didn't remember, really. I wasn't ever treated for it, but I just recently started getting treatment for it. I take metformin, and I feel like I do have less pain when I'm not on my period. I'm new to this, though, and it is hard to even notice how the medicine is working for me. I'm lucky not to have many symptoms, and so it's helping the pain, and that makes me happy.


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • HelianSystem


    That's awesome! If you're looking for something to deal with period stuff, I would talk to your doc cause Metphormine is gonna be more for blood-sugar and stuff. In my experience, most will prescribe birth-control, so if that's not something you want to deal with, ask explicitly for non-birth control options, cause it can kinda f-ck you up if you aren't ready for the possible side effects. Good luck and great job!!

    • MaxIsWack2


      I did forget to mention that yeah I'm on birth control because of that and it did help alot! 😁

  • TrashPanda1109


    I'm happy to hear you can take metformin with few side effects! Mine tears my stomach up

  • Lovely_lyssi


    I just found out mid 2021 I was 16 then and I was already on birth control because my periods would be so acidic it burned my skin and I have vulvalichensclerosis and basically if I move the wrong way my vulva literally splits open like the skin everything and the blood would burn my skin which made the skin thin out and my own blood would split my skin open which I’ve been dealing with since I was 3 and my periods were so irregular constantly some lasting over a month straight and very very heavy flows it was so bad I became anemic and had to take iron pills which also sucked and my cramps were completely debilitating so when I found out I had pcos I was already on birth control I think I started on it when I was 11 and let me tell you finding the right birth control can be so freaking hard but so

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