What is something you do if you recognize that it's getting bad again? I'm asking because it's starting to get bad again for me. Don't worry I'm ok and won't do anything stupid.


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  • Cannedbread


    I try to surround myself with other people. It’s so much easier than doing it alone. I have issues with no one in my support system understanding what I go through, but it’s still better than being alone and dwelling with my thoughts constantly. Always here if you need someone to talk to 🤗 ❤️

  • AlexAcosta


    I agree with the other person. Try to hang around family and friends for a bit. I also cope with it by going to the gym sometimes. I feel better post workout

  • LotusFlower


    If it's really bad, I take a long hot shower, play my music, meditate. If it's not too bad, I play music, journal, or even go for walks, or and do yoga.

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