I go from not being able to sleep to sleeping all the time. Ugh


Persistent Insomnia

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  • Celine


    Same, and I just went from a phase of sleeping all the time like 16+ hours a day/night to this…now I’m lucky if I can sleep 7-8 hours in a row while tossing and turning the entire time. Do you go through that kinda thing too?

  • nanashirl


    I have had terrible insomnia for years and it has taken my dr years to finally find something to help me sleep maybe 5 hours and helps me fall asleep most nights. I recently separated from my narcissist mentally abusive spouse and couldn't take my meds for 2 night and only took melatonin and I slept like a rock?? All I need now. He kept me awake every night with snoring and other annoying stuff. It's crazy how I sleep now. Most days

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