I've recently heard that people who don't identify with the gender they were assigned at birth are 3-6x more likely to be autistic than cisgender people. I'm trans and autistic, and quite a few of my friends are as well, so I was wondering what others opinions on this is? You think it's just correlation, or causation?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Neuco


    I think the causation/correlation might be going the opposite way. People with autism might experience their gender or be far more in touch with the intricacies of their gender than most allistic people. I had seen a study that said there was a high correlation (I can't remember the exact number) between people that have autism and nonbinary people. And I think that's likely due to how in touch with we are with our bodies and minds.

    • xe


      Yes because similar studies have show we are more likely to be LGBQ+ as well. It’s because of our relationship with societal roles (not caring for them much lol).

  • Eggler


    I think it's mostly because autistic people are more likely to question and push against societal norms, especially the vague and confusing ones. I identify as agender now, but growing up didn't feel attached to gender at all, and constantly why people were forced into two very unappealing gender roles. It also brought up the question of "what does it mean to be feminine/masculine?" which is different across cultures. The Gender Reveal podcast is fun, cause the cisgender guests can never give a concrete answer to "what does gender mean to you/how do you know you're cis?"

  • royalty


    I'm autistic and nonbinary so I agree lol. But I do agree with the top comment that I think it's the other way around where autistic people are more likely to question their gender.

  • Entropyluna


    I've noticed that most autistic people tend to question everything. Instead of settling into the gender roles we're assigned, we question why there are gender roles and why we have to be in that gender role. Allistic people tend not to question everything like neurodivergent people do, so they're more likely to accept their assigned gender role

  • chaitea17


    Getting diagnosed for autism (have shown traits my whole life) and as someone whos demigender, i def agree. It makes sense that we feel different about gender than allistic people due to being more in tune with our selves and our environment

  • Alux


    i’m autistic & nonbinary and i’ve discussed this question with multiple other autistic trans/nonbinary ppl because i find it to be very interesting/ compelling, and we haven’t really come to any conclusive “most likely” reason. however, the more i sit with this question, the more i’m concerned by it. i fear working to answer it could lead to info that could feed bigots’ transphobia, ableism, essentialism, and maybe even eugenics

  • Louva_bug


    I think it makes sense that having a different nuerotype than the general population will change the way your relate to gender. I don’t think the autism necessarily causes transness but it definitely causes a an “abnormal” sense of self and identity, which can lead to that. I’m a cis woman but I’ve ALWAYS felt so weird about my gender. Like I’m pretending to be a girl and everyone knows I’m not a real girl if that makes sense. I want to be a girl but I feel like I don’t fulfill the role properly and I’m some broken version of a girlish human.

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