should I continue not taking g medicine for my severe ADHD or should i get reevaluated and get meds?


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • CameronElizabeth


    I highly recommend medication. If it works for you, it's truly life-changing. Also, there is evidence to suggest that medication therapy does more than just treat symptoms in the moment. It can have permanent good effects over the long term and actually change our brains for the better.

  • CactusCat


    What's contributing to the decision not to take meds? I've found it difficult to find the "perfect" match for ADD meds...I'm still on one i'm not sure is doing the best it can do...but it's still worth it! For me it makes the difference between sitting paralyzed, unable to prioritize what to do and actually being able to get up and think of stuff i need to do. It's not focus and memory in particular are still a disaster...BUT anything is better than the depression that comes with not taking it--I can't get anything done when I'm not on it, which makes me hate myself and my life so much.

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