I am trying to balance anxiety depression and ADHD. My best balance is Wellbutrin and Adderall although I feel it could be better. Have you found a treatment that works best for you?





Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Sapphirewolf


    I have citalopram and Ritalin for mine. The Ritalin doesn't last forever, but paired with my anxiety meds too. I've been pretty good

  • collective


    I've personally gotten guanfacine and fluoxetine as a really nice balance to help me manage! You can also add Busperone if your anxiety is still really hitting you hard even after fluoxetine.

  • Gab


    When I get to see a doctor I'll ask about that, I haven't been able to see a professional since I was 9 and I never found a good balance. Currently for my anxiety I am on Zoloft and it's making it harder to focus. So if that works I'll ask about it for myself and if I find a better balance of something I'll let others know.

  • Cbab


    I am on Prestiq 100 mg for my depression, kolopin for my anxiety 2mg and Vyvanse 40mg (also lamictal for bipolar but you didn’t mention you had that) so far I really like the combo.

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