Is it just me, that Prozac makes irrationally angry and violent? I used to be able to control my anger issues a lot better before starting Prozac, but now it's never ending. I had to be physically separated from a situation multiple times so I didn't get physical.

Restlessness and Agitation


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  • KarlyGalin


    i dont get angry, it might not be the right medicine for you

    • Arnbjorn


      That's what I've been thinking, but it seems to be working otherwise. Though, it might not be the Prozac now that I think about it. I do interact with a lot of angering people, and I already have anger problems as it is. But it feels like the Prozac is making it worse, if that makes any sense to you.

      • 4byfour


        that happened in a mild way with another medication I started taking. It ended up being a good thing because I started giving myself credit for things, but it also started tapering down overtime. I’d bring it up with your psychiatrist/therapist, because there could be a lot of reasons. It could just be that it’s not right for you!!

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