Any other autistic struggle with pronouns, is that a thing? I've always found that I have a hard time using the correct pronouns for people, even cis gender people, anyone else? I feel so stupid when I struggle with using the correct pronoun and I try to always say they/them because it seems more fool proof but I still have issues with it

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • selky


    i keep accidentally using my pronouns for everyone else, cis or trans it doesnt matter, thankfully ive only messed up a couple times and immediately correct myself but it makes me feel selfish and mean and idek why it keeps happening like im actively practicing peoples correct pronouns and now im even practicing my cis friends pronouns too cause im nervous im gonna mess up. i also am really bad at remembering names in general too, idk if you also struggle with that too or not

  • gatoraid


    I used to be much worse at it definitely!! in my head I use they/them or more frequently ey/em for pretty much everyone, cause even though now it's a neopronoun, when I was a kid I would use it for everybody, maybe it's connected to this but it may have just been a confused new jersey italian type of thing for me. I've gotten better with pronouns but worse with names, sometimes I forget I call my mom mom & just default to "dude" for a few days-

  • Kai423


    I struggle with pronouns too, it's easier for me to say the persons name if I can't immediately remember their pronouns

  • I_I


    I also don’t totally understand my own pronouns. Like I go with the ones I was assigned because I don’t know why I shouldn’t

  • cypresz


    i think it’s due to the fact that autistic people like us tend to not understand or grasp the typical allistic concept of gender, and so it ends up getting skewed in a bunch of different directions because what Truly Is Gender

  • jinxmurphy


    Yes and I even use they/them myself, it makes me highly uncomfortable to be called anything else, but majority of us have been using binary pronouns to refer to people from birth till recently, you can't re-wire your brain over night just make sure to do what you can to remember and correct yourself when you mess up, mistakes r human, I never get upset when misgendered (unless done intentionally) I just gently remind ppl bc again,, we all human and most of us didn't know abt anything else till a few years ago and brains are tricky, esp when dealing w Neuro-divergent brains. \gen\hope this helps

  • Chemical


    i never have although i do use they/them pronouns and experience gender as a whole differently, also things like “gender norms” are like one of the most confusing social standard for me.

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