Those who are experiencing chronic pain, how do you manage your emotional well-being when you are in constant pain?

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  • Knightstarr


    I just got this new self-care app called Finch and you take care of a penguin by doing tasks for yourself. The free version is a bit limited but it is more fun for me than the other ones I have tried. I always do better trying to care for others than myself.

  • Sapphire


    Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so glad it works for you. I definitely will check it out.

  • Knightstarr


    There are a ton of different ones. You might want to try a few and see which you like. I have tried like 10 different ones and never stuck with it until I started using Finch

  • Sapphire


    Thank you

  • vee805


    I just get use to it that this is my life now and adjust to it. It sucks but what can I do

  • Mandm


    A lot of tv. Sometimes reading or calling a friend or family member. Playing with my dogs or cat helps too.

  • Jimfi1955


    Find things that make you happy, get involved in as many new activities as possible.

  • Penpalz


    I tried Finch...I didn't find it anything but amateur

  • SquirrelMom


    I have Finch as well 🤗

  • Noodlemum


    ~therapy~ lol but finch is a great app as well! It actually helped me get to the road of finding therapy

  • laidir


    Therapy is great. Also if possible get a pet of some kind. I got myself a hamster and while it didn’t help my pain it did help my depression since I had something to take care of. Any type of animal would be great since there’s been plenty of studies showing how animals help with mental health.

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