I have as yet found anyone with similar allergies. I'm allergic to just about everything but greens and water lol. Anyone else out there?

Allergic Reaction

Chronic Headache

Allergic Rhinitis


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  • DandelionFairy


    Me too! Allergic to stuff no one meat, cheese, fruit, some vegetables, garlic, onion, deodorant, some shampoos, some fabrics, a TON of medicines, etc.

    • DandelionFairy


      I'm even allergic to Benedryl.

  • renewed


    You mean allergic like hives and stuff, or like joint pain, eczema, fatigue, headaches from intolerances? That's what I have a loooong list of.

    • RoxieAnn


      both. Plus Gerd. I can't tell whether my problems come medication side effects, allergy reactions, or something else entirely

  • AngellMwi


    I'm one of those people. I need my own bubble. I had grand mal seizures for 3 days from a shot of phenergan. I'm sorry you know what this feels like. I'm truly so very sorry

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