How do you manage your major depression as part of bipolar disorder?

Low Mood

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • NickGobes75


    I know with me depression can be really sneaky so I try to be really aware of my moods. If I start feeling depressed I watch it for a little bit and if it gets to a point where I can’t feel better on my own I immediately call my doctor. I also try to get into a sleep and exercise routine. If I sleep too much I feel depressed and if I don’t get exercise (even walking), I feel like blah.

  • aries02


    Start tracking your mood. I use the app Daylio. Like the last person said, depressive episodes tend to sneak up on me and i don’t notice until it’s too late. But since I’ve been tracking my mood I can notice when an episode is coming on and I can sort of avoid it

  • dadoen


    Music, laying in my bed, sleeping, staring at the ceiling, taking a break, and maybe talking to people on the phone since its hard to go out. When im in depressive episodes most days im out i can barely move because my brain is so depressed it isnt properly sending signals for my nerves to move. Just resting is the best thing you can do really, other than cannabis. That also helps sometimes.

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