Hello everyone i have suffered with depression for a number of years at one point i was on Zoloft but i had seizures im on Cymbalta an hydroxyzine it helps most days then other days i feel manic cant eat sleep my mind is always going when im these days i just started talking with a psychiatrist some days are good an others are really bad i feel as if i have no one to speak to.



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  • Angie


    Hey Bella I think that a lot of people here can relate to what you’re feeling so it’s good you decided to write and join us! I hope starting to see the psychiatrist will help, and that you feel sharing helps you🤞🏻

  • juice


    Hello Im Jess how are you how do you deal with this every day mine seems to be getting worse especially now the weather's changing

  • fishie01


    Hi bella420! I noticed you said you feel manic. Sometimes when a person is on antidepressants & experiences mania, their actual diagnosis is BiPolar Disorder. While there are many similarities, the medications used to treat Bipolar Disorder are different from those used to treat Major Depressive Disorder. It's worth mentioning to your psych prescriber. Being on the wrong meds is no fun!

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