anyone else have the depression eat them alive is the seasons change?

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  • stargazer2540


    ❤️❤️ my heart goes out to you and your struggles.. I'm seeing a psychiatrist for this and I think they call it seasonal depression and yes it is real... Some people eat and eat and eat during the holidays when they're depressed which is what I used to do but now I don't eat hardly as much when I'm depressed... I'm taking pristiq and buspar.. but I've been on that for years. DM me if you would like more information on what I'm taking etc or if you just need a friend to talk to. I have physical and mental problems depression anxiety and PTSD just to name a few but I will certainly talk and listen please take care for now

  • Its_me


    Yes- I have seasonal depression. I use a full spectrum light each morning and take Vitamin D3. I live in the Seattle area and with the constant cloudy sky/rain, as well as being indoors. I also talk to a counselor and take anti-depression medication (Viibyrd)

  • Beachgirl42


    Yes!! I agree on the cut D3 I also take b6 and b12 it boost mood. Try to do the best you can every day. Get out of house each abs every day. Shower every day

  • wise


    the second it hits 59 degrees it's depression season in my house! and then when the weather warms up to 60 around this time of year the mental illness switch is flipped to Off

  • stargazer2540


    👍 wow that's odd! Plz dm me later I gotta run

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