hey :) I'm mikey I'm new here. uh I'll be 19 in like 21 days. my pronouns are they/them . and I suffer from bipolar Depp. and anxiety really bad. and I'm hoping this could help me feel less alone in my struggles. :)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Bipolar Disorder

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  • nastasia


    Hello 🤗

  • Fid


    Mikey, please know that your certainty not alone. The same genetic physical depression runs rapid in my Family. Suggest you see a psychiatrist that specializes in physical depression. You can improve by exercising and focus on helping others! You will feel better about yourself! Best for you!

  • PrincessPosty


    You are NOT alone!! 💕

  • keni


    You are not alone

  • Eve85jane


    Hello I have bipolar depression and anxiety as well

  • BaileyFawn


    helloing, my friending... welcome to this app... i would like to first state, since you stated your pronouns; since your name is a guys name, i will be calling you he/ him... if you do not like those, "it" is also perfectly acceptable...

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