Ive had help, Ive visited hospitals, I feel nothing, I hate going to bedwith nothing to look forward to, theres absolutely nothing, its a cycle and I dont get it


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  • Finneyboiii


    Me. Too. I'm definitely here if you wanna vent

  • SourLemons


    hey, i'm sorry you're going through this. life in general is a long battle as it is, and unfortunately depression sometimes feels even longer and more grueling. more nights than not, i end up unable to sleep because of those same thoughts—i shouldn't be here, i don't deserve any of this, there's no reason for me to live. but you're still here! and so am i. i want to believe that's a positive fact, and the result of some crazy miracle. i'm glad you're still here. keep going, i'm cheering for you. if you need someone to chat with, hit me up. sending positive vibes ♡

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