Autistic peeps, let's talk dysautonomia!
The most common seems to be POTS, but there are roughly 15 types of dysautonomia.
Personally, I think there is a ton of overlap between symptoms with autistic experiences and the more I think about it the more so many of my common complaints and behaviors are related to this.

Common complaints (apart from the obvious heart rate regulation difficulties) I have that I'm wondering if you relate to:
-difficulty swallowing, especially medicine or food that aren't soft are painful to swallow.
-preferring soft and easy to eat foods
-dry eyes and mouth when hydrated
-excessive sweating even in winter
-coughing in the morning and after meals from access phylum.
-mild difficulty regulating body temperature
-dizziness and easily car sick

bonus question: do you struggle to know what dysautonomia symptoms you lack because of your low interoception?

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)



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  • Vivelerock88


    Wow I relate to all of these I also had no idea there were 15 types of dysautonomia I’m still trying to get a diagnosis and treatment of something more specific I just have “dysautonomia” right now with directions to drink a lot of electrolytes

    • SunInAugust


      yes! I was told to drink electrolytes and get compression socks but these changes won't make my life livable...

      • SunInAugust


        Well. Won't make me able to work a job

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