I've been having kidney and kidney stone troubles since 2019 now as a young woman in her 20's. My doctors don't seem to care that much though! They diagnosed me with loin pain hematuria syndrome, told me there's no fix or cure, and then left me to my own devices with chronic daily pain, fevers, and being depressed in general. I had to quit my job completely and give up college for now because my symptoms are so severe. Has anyone found anything that works on uric acid stones? Preventative or current treatments? (TW: I've thought about ending my life a few times because things are really bad, my pain is out of control most days, and no professional seems to want to deal with me. They'd rather tell me to go to therapy and forget about me. I am going to chronic pain therapy but nothing is helping from that perspective. I just need help!) Maybe anyone know any places that could help me too?

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    Oh hun. I am so sorry. Where are you located? Have you ever seen an “integrative” or “functional medicine” doctor? What are your doctors like? I get calcium oxalate stones sometimes… i also have a lot of bladder pain (who knows if related?). This feels like it could be an incredible long-shot for your specific issues (i am 100% not a doctor), but i use magnesium a lot when i get kidney and bladder pain. It helps relax muscles and makes my pain and anxiety a little less severe. Natural Calm is a pretty good brand. I have also tried an herb called “chanca piedra” which is supposed to help with kidney stones… but i am told folks should check with their doctors to make sure your liver can handle this treatment.

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