I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, first one really ever, thoughts? I have mild scoliosis in my thoracic and lumbar sections, autoimmune whatever has ranged from lupus to rheumatoid arthritis to fibromyalgia/myofascial pain syndrome. I got muscle knots all over, couple painful lots not. I also have ADHD/autism so if you guys have any sensory advice with chiropractory that would help too 😅😅

Kyphosis & Scoliosis

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  • sabbymer


    I have scoliosis too and I'm looking into one so following this post

  • Shyguy


    I listen to soft music or podcast when I go. They usually don't mind as long as you can still hear their directions. Headphones help. Also gum, something I can focus on

  • addvertscol


    I've been going for years and highly recommend it. I have adhd too, as well as scoliosis. How did it go?

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