how do you guys deal with brain fog? I'm in high-school now and I am doing so badly in my math class because I can't process anything I'm learning and it makes me so genuinely upset. I used to be a straight-A student, but now my grades in math are way lower. I feel so stupid. I also have depression and anxiety. I think it might be from my medications, but I'm not sure.

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  • Vict.xx


    im also a hs student and i often get foggy brain aswell! don’t feel stupid cause you’re not! the best way that helps me is to write things down in ways that are easier to remember, especially when the teacher provides the notes i add my own little side notes to make it more familiar

  • Odessa


    Your not stupid at all the, best way to help is to wright things in a way you. Can understand the way I do that is to put down facts, that go with a song or story I like the most.that way things are easier for me.

  • salt


    I feel like that sometimes as well. Learning to love myself and realize that grades are NEVER a gauge for self worthiness. Reaching out for help in school is really beneficial. : ) I’m still trying to catch up on assignments after being gone for almost a month

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