my anxiety seems to be getting worse and worse, despite changes to medication

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Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • DesertRose


    My anxiety has flared a bit lately but I've had some stressful stuff going on. That said, my meds seem to be working well for my anxiety and depression.

  • Mickey09


    Have you tried therapy?

  • Khrysstee


    My anxiety has been through the roof the last few months too!!! Sending love and good vibes!!!

  • MollyWeasley


    Same ❤️ I don't usually have frequent panic attacks but lately I've been having a couple attacks every day thus week

  • Discombobulatedkat


    I'm sorry to hear that! I know the struggle. I have started taking in a deep breath all the way so that my stomach expands not my chest and I dont hold it (it raises my anxiety) and then I just slowly breathe out with all with eyes closed, I do this 4 times then on the 4th I target all my tense and painful spots and imagine that blowing out this last breath will relax and heal some pain. You could imagine yourself somewhere calm, there's also youtube videos to help you meditate, and apps. Therapy and Dilectical Behavior Therapy Book have been keeping me feeling better

  • Tomato


    Don’t give up! You might’ve not found the most suitable drug yet. Do you also see a therapist?

  • msblahblah2021


    It took awhile for me until I found the right medication.

  • Littlebit


    Anxiety sucks I have it to and my best friend has it by talking to each other and are meds we are getting better at handling it. Do you have a close friend to talk to??

  • Ryguy1991


    I am in the same boat, lots of medicine tweaks but still a lot of anxiety

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