My anxiety has made it dead near impossible to socialize with people. I hate it. I'm so lonely and I don't have anyone irl that's a true friend. I wish I was likable. I wish I was someone people wanted to be around not just some stupid outcast nobody likes.

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  • Jennynicole345


    I know how you feel my anxiety makes it hard for me to talk to people too. Feel free to message me 😊

  • B_renee


    Same 😑

  • Videogamingaddict


    That's exactly how I feel too 😥

  • kelianne


    I hate it when my friend knows i have anxiety but leaves me alone after forcing into talking to people

  • KarlyGalin


    Im in the same place

  • Bre19


    I get that sometimes it's ok to take a break for social situations but you can message people if you need to

  • SeerClub


    I know how you feel I struggle with this all the time. But this post tells me that neither of us are alone in this feeling and that there are people who understand.

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