Whats the best way to manage my symptoms outside of medication? I've found individual therepy to not be particularly helpful, but feel like I am not managing well with medication alone.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • maggiemae


    You could always try an ADHD Life Coach or just general Life Coach. I’ve found some really great ones on Instagram that helped me a lot! Other than that, journaling really helps me. Just getting all my thoughts out on paper.

  • Kishi


    I found group therapy helpful at times, and taking time to use coloring books and spending time outside helps calm my mind. Also, I always have fidget/stim 'toys' with me.

  • Buggirlx


    I got all kinds of different ADD self-help books and I read them and then it kind of works for a little while but eventually I end up kind of like the same where I was but still Least I’m more aware of the situation and one thing is is when you have a big project we need to set enough time for it because once you start a big project you might end up working many more hours than you should you have to set time limits

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