I'm 18 years old, and I've been struggling with pain for as long as I can remember. I know that even as a young child I would complain about the pain I was in. Sensitivity to pain, flat footed, etc.

up until 8th grade and up, it was mostly just an increased sensitivity and foot/ankle pain because of my flat feet, but on up I began to feel major back pains, neck, shoulders, knees, hips. All of the fibro pain points. My grandmother is diagnosed with it, and up until know I have not had the ability to take myself to a doctor to ask about a diagnosis.

ever since I started working when I hit 16, my body has slowly been deteriorating. the stress of my home life and HAVING to work 39 hours and still go to school was killing me. I dropped out, and I'm now in college working full time.

when experiencing bad flare ups, I'll often times have to crawl from my car into my house, and into bed. If I can make it to the shower, I have to show siting down. I can't straight my back anymore and ive developed a hump.

at work I often overextend myself because that's just how fast food is, and it's stressful.

I'm in bed now, and my entire body hurts. if I even put the slightest touch or pressure on any part of my body it feels like I'm being punched in that exact spot. like my entire body is a bruise.

all that is to say, it's never good enough for the people in my life. my dad doesn't believe anything is wrong, and when I was 17 I was refused when I asked for appointments for anything.

I guess I'm just ranting, I just want the people in my life to believe how awful it is, being 18 years old and knowing my body is deteriorating. I love walking and going out and traveling and I'm afraid I'm speeding up the process by working as much as I do, not that there's anything I can do to stop.

I just want a community I suppose. it's hard. nobody believes that somebody as young as me could have these problems, especially because I mask as well as possible. I'm not functional.

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  • Dissy


    I understand being so young and no one believing your pain because of your age. I was was diagnosed with fibro at 14 because I was lucky enough to have a mother who saw the signs and a doctor that truly believed me, but the rest of the world isn't so kind. Fight for your disability. You sound like you really need some government assistance. Working like that will only make the pain worse as I'm sure you know.

  • Nalla


    I’m 17. I’ve also always been in pain- I remember having to ask my mom or sister when I was 5 to massage my shoulders and back because it was painful. It’s gotten significantly worse as the years have gone by- pretty much everywhere hurts/burns. I have a father who is a doctor and a mother who is a nurse, but I still did not get officially diagnosed until I was 16. And none of my peers could relate to the extreme pain I was having on a daily basis. One thing to remember is that 15, 20 years ago, fibromyalgia wasn’t really a thing in medical books. My dad who had taken 16 years of medical school had no idea what fibromyalgia was, and he brushed it off when my doctor told me that I had it. IT IS FRUSTRATING!! What I’m getting at is most people will not understand, and it sucks. But seeking out others who also live with chronic pain and connecting on support groups can realllly help.

  • Kid


    im in the exact same situation. im also 18 and between chronic migraines depression anemia fibro etc. i just have always felt like my body is not going to last. it always feels like im going to fall apart. in person im a very short and just small person as well and people are always joking about how I look fragile and tiny and like I’d break. i know it’s good fun, i just laugh it off, but sometimes it leads to bad thoughts. i know im not physically able. i know im small and young and in so much pain. I don’t need to be reminded of how broken i already am

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