Hi yall! I'm 24 F and recently diagnosed with Fibro. I was wondering if anyone else also has blood pressure issues related to FM? My doc said that autonomic dysfunction is related to it, and almost every time I have a flare up I come close to passing out/blacking out.



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  • Kell


    I have had high blood pressure with it. It’s natural when you are in constant pain. I have also had some black out episodes.

  • Nat_Nat


    I'm not sure if this is your issue, but people regularly in pain can have high blood pressure (the stress response). Some medications for fibro can also effect blood pressure depending on you as a person. Bring it up to your doctor and in the mean time, you can do things to encourage blood flow (stretching, high aerobic excerise, breathing excerise). This isn't going to fix high blood pressure in general but it can help it be less severe.

  • TiccingZebraPaws


    I actually have really low blood pressure possibly caused by other illnesses. I get the felling I’m going to pass out all the time

  • Chronically_Awesome


    I have really low blood pressure. I don’t know if it’s caused by fibro or my many depression meds. I often feel dizzy or like I might pass out. One thing that helps me is keeping hydrated and making sure I eat something every 3-4 hours.

  • Doglover25006


    I have chronic dehydration from some of my gi conditions that are commonly comorbid with fibro and tend to have low blood pressure. The docs have me adding Celtic sea salt to my water to encourage water to flow into my cells and to get electrolytes into my cells and to help with my blood pressure I can feel faint and dizzy and nauseous when my dehydration gets worse and my blood pressure drops

  • girly28


    I struggle a lot with feeling lightheaded and also have fm. Never thought it could be connected

  • FibroMH


    I have lightheadedness too. My Dr. doesnt seem to have any idea about why. Maybe look up side effects of your medications, but definitely talk with your doctor about it.

  • katerikat


    i have normal blood pressure but i have inappropriate sinus tachycardia which is a type of dysautonomia

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