i work as a cashier at a grocery store.

one of my supervisors has confided in me on multiple occasions about his dislike of the use of my mini fan i typically carry in hand when at self-checkout(not often, i'm usually in the checking lanes and can keep it clipped in place).
he's told me because i have a fan in my hand, i look uninterested in my job, and unwilling to help customers. but... everyone nicknames me "happy babe" because of my smile, and customers have even asked me if we sell such fans(we do, there has since been a slight influx of fan sales).
when i don't have my fan with me, say, it dies, customers often ask if someone else could assist them, or offer me to sit down. they tend to be averted against my help with their groceries when i'm dripping sweat.
my supervisor also asks. every. single. time- "why do you carry it? do you have some sort of condition that merits a mini fan?" i've told him countless times of my illnesses, and it's even in my paperwork. i've missed quite a few days from these illnesses. but he still doesn't seem to get it, and makes me feel like my efficient ways of work is very unappreciated by him.

any advice on how to proceed?


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  • freebirdyeah


    Hey! I went to my dermatologist and they gave me pills to take to treat it. They started me off with a small dose but they can give larger doses depending on how bad it is. i specifically had it in my armpits and hands and I got rashes because of it. Not sure what medication they gave me but it worked.

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